20/04/2020 | 8:33:00

Dak Lak is a famous pepper growing area throughout the country. Favorable nature, hardworking people with long-term experience of cultivating pepper have cultivated the black quality of the second highest quality in the whole country. It is no coincidence that people cherish, call the pepper of this land "black gold". Pepper is like "black gold" of this soil. Pure black pepper products have a unique aromatic and pungent flavor, aromatic and spicy to spice. Pineapple, pungent and stimulating digestion, has the effect of curing a number of diseases. High quality whole peppercorns function to spice up the dishes of everyday life. 
- Origin: DakLak, Viet Nam 

- Packing: 5kg/10kg/20kg or as buyer request 

- MOQ: 20DC – 40DC 

- Right season: whole year

- Payment: TT or LC 

- Delivery: FOB, CIF…. 

- Contact (whatsapp): +84 902.121.919