20/04/2020 | 8:11:00

From the tropical area, Vietnam has the good opportunity to grow many seasoning fruits with rich of vitamin are good for people's health. This was the great time last year we visited the Durian Farm in Khanh Son commune, Khanh Hoa province to host the Khanh Son Fruit Festival. Farmers here can grow hundred of ha of durian, jackfruit, banana and especially Khanh Son is one of the biggest place supplying the durian for whole Vietnam country as well to export.  

* Origin: Cam Lam, Viet Nam

* Packing: 10kg/20kg box carton 

* Storage temperature: 5°C

* Right season: from May - August

* MOQ: 20RC – 40 RC

* Payment: TT or LC

* Delivery: FOB, CIF

* Contact (whatsapp): +84 902 121 919